The SDI tool is excellent for understanding and influencing the motives that drive behaviours. The insights that SDI unearths provide teams with a better understanding and empathy of how people think, behave and communicate differently. It is particularly useful during stressful times - such as challenges or conflict within a team.

"The team really enjoyed the session that Christine facilitated and found SDI really insightful. It helped everyone understand each other's strengths and differences and also how they react in times of conflict or stress. 

At the end of the session we had some really clear actions on how we wanted to work together to build a stronger and more effective team. We came away from the day clear about what strengths everyone has and how we can recognise when one of us in conflict or stressed and what might need to happen to get them back into the place where they work most effectively."

Hilary Palmer, Global Head of Retail, Whistles

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