onion people development ltd is committed to protecting your privacy

what data do we collect?

We hold contact details for the attendees on the training courses we deliver and individuals who sign up for one-to-one coaching. This includes full name, job title and business e-mail address. You may also choose to share your telephone contact details for phone conversations relating to the training or coaching.

Learners who are completing a CMI qualification will send in assignments for assessment and these will be kept on file. They are shared only with the assessor and the CMI moderator.

Attendees of courses may also choose to complete a psychometric test. If they do, these reports are also kept on file. They will not be shared with anyone without prior consent.

why do we need this data?

Contact details are required so we can send out pre-work and questions relating to the training or coaching or any other information relating to the programme.

Assessments are kept on file only for the benefit of the participant, who may want to reference their papers at a later date. 

who has access to this data?

Access is limited to Christine Collins and a very limited number of her associates when working for and on behalf of Onion People Development. All associates are forbidden to use or share any data beyond the work they are doing for and on behalf of Onion People Development. No other parties will have access at any time, nor will your details ever be shared or sold.

how long is it stored for?


who do I contact if you wish to be removed from our list or check what data we hold on you?

If you would like to update your details or contact us at any time to ask about what we are holding, or have your details removed entirely from our records, please email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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